Investment Banks & Private Equity Groups

By hiring CI charterholders, you strengthen your team with professionals who have an in-depth understanding of your client needs, and the capacity to tailor and implement specific solutions.


As you grow your talent and deepen your organizational expertise, consider CI Institute and our globally recognized educational programs, codes and standards, and learning products. We offer cost-effective, practice-driven, and globally relevant programs which cover investment industry essentials, investment performance and risk-evaluation, or advanced investment skills and knowledge.

Investment Banks

CI charterholders demonstrate a mastery of financial modeling & valuation necessary for analysts and associates in an investment banking environment.

Private Equity Groups

CI charterholders are prepared for the analytical rigors present on the buy-side.

Practice-Driven Curricula

As the investment banking profession continues to evolve, CI Institute meets with, interviews, and surveys practicing investment decision-makers, policymakers, university leaders, and regulators to understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to prepare the next generation of investment bankers. This practice analysis process is a dynamic assessment method that informs updates to our program curricula.

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