About CI Institute

Chartered Investor (CI) Institute

The association of investment bankers and private equity professionals that provides the globally recognized designation, the Chartered Investor (CI), to individuals that pass all three levels of the CI Program.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To lead the investment banking profession globally by promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society.


We aspire to a CI Institute that:

Serves all finance professionals seeking education, knowledge, professional development, connection, or inspiration.
Leads the investment banking profession's thinking in the areas of ethics, market for corporate control integrity, and excellence of practice.


As you grow your talent and deepen your organizational expertise, consider CI Institute and our globally recognized educational programs, codes and standards, and learning products.

We offer cost-effective, practice-driven, and globally relevant programs which cover investment industry essentials, investment performance and risk-evaluation, or advanced investment skills and knowledge.

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As part of our mission to promote the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence, we have a long history of working with educational institutions around the world. Some of these institutions:

Incorporate elements of our curricula into their degree programs.

Offer waivers from graduate school entrance exams or coursework.

Contact University Relations for more information.

Chartered Investor Program

Enroll in the CI Program to begin earning the Chartered Investor (CI) credential, the most respected and recognized investment banking and private equity designation in the world. The CI Program provides a strong foundation of advanced financial modeling and valuation skills that will give you a career advantage.

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Investment Banking

Breaking into investment banking as an analyst or associate at a bulge bracket investment bank is a difficult task. The Chartered Investor designation makes this process easier by demonstrating to an employer, mastery of financial modeling & valuation at each level of the Chartered Investor Program.

Private Equity

It can take years for an analyst or an associate to enter the world of private equity. By becoming a Chartered Investor, one can accelerate this process and join the buy-side.

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